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your mentor/coach in digital transformation

Digital transformation in mobility is an ongoing and rapidly evolving process. This change ranges from understanding the transport economics, to detailed information which enables an inclusive and sustainable alternative for private car ownership. The overarching goal is to collectively organise a seamless multimodal, even cross-border experience, suiting both the passenger and the tax payer. This requires alignment on both business and information levels. The digital transformation in mobility is ensuring that public funds and public space are allocated as efficiently as possible, with respect for commercial sensitivity and personal privacy.

Upgrades in public transport, demand responsive transport, micro mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service, and smart ticketing. All in the process of shaping the future of transportation in ways that were previously unimaginable. The highly fragmented industry is challenged to collaborate. This requires interoperability across regional, legal and technical borders: architecturally, open architectures and semantics allow to bridge the gaps; open source and frontier technologies, like blockchain, are providing trusted and smart data infrastructure, and data analytics help to understand the status quo and to envision future scenarios using artificial intelligence.

European strategies

In order to guide the digital transformation along the lines of European values, specific regulation is enforced to ensure personal privacy and trust in data sharing (GDPR and DGA). This regulation has a significant effect on current digital interactions, e.g. in ticketing and MaaS. Platforms need to accommodate these changes, for digital safety is equally important to authorities as physical safety.

European Data Spaces projects for interoperable and trusted data infrastructure are being launched. At the same time semantics projects are nurtured, enabling findable, accessible and reusable information. Open architecture references models like those for European Identities and International Data Spaces are put to the test to cater to collaboration on an extensive scale.

The omnipresent business driven solutions and the closed environments in which they run, need to adapt. Initiating gradual transformation from centralised control over fragmented information to centralised trusted mechanisms supporting the ecosystem and decentralised control over the native operations. All these developments are transforming the ecosystem as a whole and affecting the role of authorities, ticketing and transport operations, most specifically.

Coach and mentor

I made it my business to navigate leaders in the mobility industry through the challenges of digital transformation. Contributing to international platforms like UITP, STA (Smart Ticketing Alliance), MaaS Alliance, International Transport Forum; leading (inter) national projects on MaaS, cross border multimodal ticketing and trusted data sharing; liaising local projects to leading organisations like NAPcore, IT4PT, DSSC, IDSA, MyData, iShare, EMTA and POLIS in the European Data Space for Mobility, make my legal, technical and organisational expertise in combination with my vast international network simply unique.

My experience allows to me to get to heart of the matter, swiftly. Providing objective insights, identifying blind spots and thinking out-of-the box. Not being tied to your company’s history or internal politics, I bring a fresh and unbiased perspective. Devising a strategy tailored to your goals, with respect for your organisation’s place and role in the ecosystem, the level of digital maturity and its culture. My added value lies in coaching on strategy and mentoring the implementation.

Tap into my expertise, experience and extensive network, going forward.

Strategic alignment and consultancy

Standards, technology and ticketing

Data governance and user privacy


FRC Burgersdijk MBA
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